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About eDirectChat

eDirectChat is founded by Wilfred Tan, to help entrepreneurssmall business owners and start-ups to take advantage of the online world and the power of the internet to bring their businesses to greater heights.

About Me ….


Today, I see a big communication gap between business owners and their customers where they are not using the available tools that are already existing in the internet world to share more about their company, what they are doing as well as what products and services they are offering.

At eDirectChat, I aim to use the latest technology, the AI Chatbot, specially designed and customized to each individual business needs to effectively engage and interact with their customers to get more leads and conversions.

Wilfred Tan

“I strongly believe that every business owner must strive to engage with their potential customers using the internet and whatever technology that is available today in the market. One very engaging way is using Artificial Inteligence Chatbot to automate the interaction with your customers 24/7 to get more leads and conversions. And this is something I really like to do to help our customers achieve.

Why Work With Me?


At eDirectChat, I use the latest AI Technology to help our customers get  more leads, conversions and ultimately more sales.

I aim to reduce your struggles by helping you reap the benefits of technology to enhance the engagement and communication with your customers to improve your business performance.

I look forward to working with you to design and create the most engaging AI Chatbot that will effectively convert your customers to sales.

What We Can Do For Your Business

Generate More Sales

Increase Customer's Engagement

Gather Analytic Data

Automate Interaction 24/7


Provide Full Support

Enhance Customer Experience

Build Email List Faster


Decreased Customer Response Time

Let’s Us Help Improve Your Business

Follow our 3-step process to create your first chatbot.




You can apply for a 30-days free trial by filling up the application form with your basic requirements. These input requirements will be used to generate the coding script.



After you’ve submitted your requirements, I will start to design your chatbot and create the coding script. Any additional information required, I’ll contact you.



All you have to do is just copy the snippet of coding script which I’ll provide to you after I’ve created, and simply paste onto your website. That’s it! And you’re good to go!

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